Finding the Right Fasteners and Clinching Tools

Eclipser 2800/2500 Clinch Clip Tools

Eclipser Tool Systems, Safety Products & Options

Continuous Coil System"A" Parts"F-H" PartsEA/HR Hanger AssemblyPartsDrawing

Hartco Clinch Clip Tools & 1st Gen CC System

HR CL "A" Series Mod 55(100)1st Gen ManualHR CC "A" Series Mod 30/441st Gen Manual
HR CL "A" Series Mod 65AT/661st Gen ManualHR CC "A" Series Mod 48/49/501st Gen Manual
HR CL "A" Series Mod 85/88 1st Gen ManualHR CC Tool System Models 48/49/30/44/50 1st Gen Manual
HR CL "C" Series Mod 45 thru 881st Gen Manual

Automated Machines and Manually Operated Systems

ACE 8000 Multi-Head Clipping Machine Manual 4C
Manual B/W
Dwgs & PartsFeatures & Spec's AK 7100 Automatic Clipping Machine (Current Model)Ops ManualDwgs & PartsSet Up Guide
ACE 7000 Automatic Clipping Machine Manual 4C
Manual B/W
Dwgs & PartsSet Up GuideHartco AK Automatic Machine (1st Gen, replaced by AK 7100)HR AK (1st Gen) Manual & Parts HR AK (1st Gen) Manual Controller
ACE 6000 Semi-Auto Clipping Machine Manual B/WDwgs & Parts AK 6100 Semi-Auto Clipping Machine (Manuals are 1st Gen only)HR Manual Rev BCurrent Dwgs & PartsHR Manual Rev A
ACE 5000 Clipping System Dwgs & Parts TRK 6200 Semi-Auto Machine Current Dwgs & Parts
Ferrule Crimping System (CR-5000) Brochure w/Parts LockNail System Current Ops ManualCurrent Dwgs & Parts HR LN (1st Gen) Manual

Hand-Held Air-Powered Tools (ACE, Ring, Stapling, Klinch-It and more)

ACE 4000 Hand Clipper Drawing and Parts Operating Manual w/Parts EZ Adjust Flare Stapler - Trigger Actuated (FA1001) PartsDrawingManual
C-Ring Tools (RAC-1001, RAC-1002, RAC-1003, RAC-1004)PartsDrawingManual & Parts EZ Adjust Flare Stapler - Contact Trip Actuated (FA1002) PartsDrawing
D-Ring Tools (RAD-1001, RAD-1002) PartsDrawing Han-D-Ringer (RAM1001) Manual
Klinch-It Tool (42000) PartsParts

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