Vertical Rotating Clipping (VRC) Machine

Programmable machine that clips mattress border wire frames to perimeter coils of inner springs automatically

APPLICATIONS: Bedding (mattress frame assembly)
USE WITH: E-Clips on continuous coil; Bonnel; Offset Bonnel; and LFK coil assemblies

Special Features

  • Specifically designed for high volume production environments
  • Programmable to automatically load, rotate and clip mattress frames and springs together
  • Minimal operator interaction required
  • Up to 13,000 clips can be applied per hour


FRAME: Steel frame, Green color
CLIP TYPE: Continuous coil of collated metal clips
MATTRESS CAPACITY: Border Wire – 9 gauge (.148″/3.7mm) thru 5 ga (.207″/5.3mm);
Coil Wire – 17 ga (.054″/3.8mm) thru 12.5 ga (.098″/2.5mm)

AIR SUPPLY: 7.0 CPM free air at 90 psi
DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): 96 x 66 X 180″ (2.44 x 1.68 X 4.57m)
WEIGHT: 1200 lbs (544.3 kgs)
RELATED PRODUCT(S): E-Clips on continuous coil