Snappers™ Fasteners

New and innovative polycarbonate fastener to secure rebar reinforcement of concrete. Designed to fasten steel, FRP and basalt rebar. Snappers™ collated in flexible strips or coils.

APPLICATION: Securing reinforcing rebar used in precast and concrete
INDUSTRIES: Concrete & Construction
USE WTH: Air Snapper™; Multi Snapper™ System; Pro Snapper™
PRODUCT ID for #3 rebar: SNAPPERS33
PRODUCT ID for #4 rebar: SNAPPERS44


Special Features

  • Rust-proof, corrosion resistant and non-conductive
  • Strong, secure grip on rebar minimizes wracking
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Low profile once installed, reducing job site injuries
  • Installation options deliver significant labor savings


MATERIAL: Polycarbonate
FITS REBAR SIZES: #3 and #4. Additional sizes to come
PACKAGING: Polycord collated, available in strips or coils
COUNT/ROLL: Call to order
RELATED PRODUCTS: Air Snapper™ Pneumatic Tool; Multi Snapper™ System; Pro Snapper™ Manual Tool
INDUSTRIES: Concrete and Construction

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