No-Sag/ZZ Spring Anchor Clips (ZZ-2)

Premium quality spring anchor clip featuring a squeak-proof 2 mils polypropylene liner bonded to 6 mils of Kraft paper, ensuring a lifetime of silent comfort. Edges of clips are flared to prevent spring from contacting metal edge of clip. Applied to furniture frames with nails

APPLICATIONS: Upholstered furniture fabrication, repair and seat support upgrading
INSTALLED USING: Pneumatic nailer or hammer
USE WITH: 1-1/4″ ring shank nails or similar
COMPARABLE TO: No-Sag ECOS-type spring anchor clips
PACKAGING: Loose, in bulk


MATERIAL: USA-sourced half-tempered steel with polypropylene liner
7/8″ x 15/16″ x 3/8″ (22 x 23.5 x 9.5mm)
CARTON QTY: Variable counts (up to 2,500/ctn)
WEIGHT: Variable
INDUSTRIES: Upholstered Furniture

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