Eclipser 2800-6082 Clinch Clip Tool

Lightweight pneumatic clinch clip closure tool that feeds clinch clips into straight magazine using a continuous coil system. Manually triggered, and primarily used for open access fastening jobs. Designed for use with medium-height, narrow (A-width) clips

APPLICATIONS: Mattress fabrication; fastening silent wire to sinuous spring wire in upholstered furniture
USES E-CLIP (HARTCO) #s: 73A18R (CCP-19), 76A18R (CCP-26), 85A18R (CCP-30)
PRODUCT ID for BLACK: HR2800-6082
PRODUCT ID for GREEN: EA2800-6082
PRODUCT ID for RED: SN2800-6082

Special Features

  • Light, well balanced, durable design ensures effortless handling
  • Exclusive quick release front plate—replace driver blades without tools
  • Auxiliary “Blade Jam Release” air valve assists with clearing driver blade jams
  • Fastest, simplest and most trouble-free main valve in the industry
  • Included hanger easily switches from right to left handed operation


Eclipser 2800/2500 Universal Manual & Parts PDFAdobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 in COLOR or B/W



DIMENSIONS (LxHxW): 15″ x 8 x 7.5″ (381 x 203 x 190mm)
WEIGHT: 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg)
AIR SUPPLY: 80-90 PSI (5.5-6.2 BAR)
MAIN MATERIAL: Hardened alloy steel
OTHER MATERIAL: Composite housing
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 3,948 to 5,076 clips per roll, depending on clip size
FEATURES: Hanger and Blade Jam Release Assembly included
ADD-ONS, sold separately: Continuous Coil Clipping SystemAdjustable Rotating Table (Queen); Adjustable Rotating Table (King)Safety Guard for Eclipser – Steel (30094)Safety Guard for Eclipser – Lexan (30090)
INDUSTRIES: Bedding; Upholstered Furniture

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