Eclipser 1000 Clinch Clip Tool (All Models)

Hand-held, manually powered clip clinching tool that uses clips in strips. Excellent for low volume, outdoor or on-site fastening jobs, such as trap, cage, mattress frame or net repair, connecting sinuous springs to silent wire, fencing, bundling cables and nursery bagging

Special Features

  • All manual operation using simple lever action
  • No compressed air required
  • Highly maneuverable, portable and inexpensive to operate
  • Durable components and a rubber grip for comfort
  • Industry compatible clips are loaded in strips

Eclipser 1000 Models

PRODUCT ID: HR1000-____ (complete with specific model desired)

Model #sCommon ApplicationsClip WidthUses E-Clip #sEqual to Hartco Clip #s
1020SHousing Construction Panels, Cages, CablesA64A18SG, 71A18SGCLP-15G, CLP-13G
1022BeddingA85A22S, 88A22SCLP-33, CLP-32
1024Bedding, 10mm Flat Border FramesA110A18S
1121Bedding, 5mm BWA91A23S, 96A23SCLP-14, CLP-9
123416ga Wires, CableA52A14SG
1533Razor WireA90A29SG
1929Cages & Traps with tight accessA64A18SG, 71A16SAL, 71A18S, 71A18SGCLP-15, CLP-13AL, CLP-13, CLP-13G
3236BeddingE72E18S, 78E18SCLP-20, CLP-20L
4139Fencing GabionsE110E25SS430CLP-35S434
4151Crab Pots, Lobster TrapsF88F23SAL, 101F23SALCLP-4NAL, CLP-34NAL
4157Crab Pots, Lobster TrapsF101F23SAL, 101F23SS4, 110F25SALCLP-34NAL, CLP-34NS430, CL-36NAL
6075Bedding, FurnitureF, H68H18SCLP-22
6080Bedding, FurnitureF, H74F18S, 74H18S, 74H18SC, 74H18SG, 80H18SCLP-2312, CLP-23, CLP-23C, CLP-23G, CLP-25
6082Bedding, FurnitureF, H90F18S, 90F18SG, 90H18S, 90H18SGCLP-24N, CLP-2412G, CLP-24, CLP-24G
6181Bedding, Furniture, Crab Pots, Lobster TrapsF, H80F23S, 80H23S, 88F23S, 88H23S, 88H23SC, 88F23SAL, 88H23SALCLP-312, CLP-3, CLP-412, CLP-4, CLP-4C, CLP-4NAL, CLP-4AL
6183Bedding, Crab Pots, Lobster TrapsF, H101H23S, 101H23SC, 101H23SALCLP-34, CLP-34C, CLP-34AL
6185BeddingF, H88F23SCLP-412, CLP-72
6187Crab Pots, Lobster TrapsF, H101H23SAL, 110H25SALCLP-34AL, CLP-36AL
6189BeddingF, H110E25SS4, 110H25S, 110H25SCCLP-35430, CLP-36, CLP-36C
6788Cages, Concrete FormsF, H135H31SCLP-38
6791Crab Pots, Lobster TrapsF, H132F27SAL, 135H31SALWA-40, CLP-38AL, WA-39

Eclipser 1000 Series – Universal Drawing with Parts Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24


MAGAZINE FORMAT: Curved magazine
MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 31-58 clips, depending on clip size
CLIP FEEDING METHOD: Constant force spring
PRIMARY POWER UNIT: Manually powered
DIMENSIONS (HxWxL): 24-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ x 18″ (641 x 76 x 457mm)
WEIGHT: 5.65 lbs (2.56 kg)
RELATED PRODUCT(S): Eclipser 2000 Series Clinch Clip Tools (air-powered version)

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