3/4″ C-Ring Closure Tool, w/Ext Nose, Rear Air Connection (RAC-1005)

Hand-held, manually operated pneumatic 3/4″ C-Ring closure tool with extended nose. Compressed air fitting connects in the back of the tool instead of below the handle. The hanger ring at the back allows the tool to be suspended from a tool balancer or other type of hook. Maximum reach of tool is 1-7/8″ deep.



Hand-held, manually operated pneumatic C-Ring closure tool.

Used with:

  • Encore Hartco RC1001 (3/4″ 15-gauge galvanized wire)
  • Encore Hartco RC1006 (3/4″ 16-gauge galvanized wire)
  • 15100
  • 15100B

Additional information

Weight 3.65 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 7.5 × 14 in