Air Snapper™ Pneumatic Tool

Air-powered hand-held fastening tool installs Snappers™ on intersecting rebar reinforcement for concrete. Easy to use, versatile Air Snapper™ can be used to pre-fabricate rebar mesh at the factory, build mesh on-site, or secure rebar where it lies. Used on steel, FRP or basalt rebar. The Air Snapper™ uses Encore Hartco’s exclusive new Snappers™ fasteners, collated in flexible strips.

APPLICATION: Securing reinforcing rebar used in precast and concrete
INDUSTRIES: Concrete & Construction
USE WTH: Snappers™ fasteners
PRODUCT ID for #3 rebar: SNAPAIR33
PRODUCT ID for #4 rebar: SNAPAIR44


Special Features

  • Faster, stronger and more efficient than wire tying
  • Air powered fastening, no batteries required
  • Applies Snappers™ with a simple trigger squeeze
  • Minimized wracking allows more pre-fab to be done at factory
  • Delivers significant labor savings


MATERIAL: Hardened alloy steel, plastic composite
DIMENSIONS: 24 x 22 x 4″ (610 x 559 x 102mm)
WEIGHT: 6.8 lbs (2.98kg)
AIR SUPPLY: 80-90 PSI (5.5-6.2 BAR)
FITS REBAR SIZES: #3 and #4. Additional sizes to come
MAGAZINE: Holds a 36-inch flexible strip of Snappers™
RELATED PRODUCTS: Snappers™; Multi Snapper™ System; Pro Snapper™ Manual Tool
INDUSTRIES: Precast, Concrete & Construction

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