ACE Clipper 7000 Automatic Machine

Automatically feeds rails for precision placement of ACE spring anchor clips

APPLICATIONS: Upholstered furniture, such as chairs, sofas and loveseats

Click here for video of ACE Clipper 7000 in use

Special Features

  • Minimal operator interaction required
  • Automated rail feed system
  • Ultra fast clipping speed exceeds 2 clips per second (7,200 applied per hour)
  • Programmable clip spacing in inches or millimeters
  • Storage capacity for thousands of rail recipes
  • Conveniently backup or restore recipes via USB Memory Stick
  • Bar Code Scanner capable for quickly retrieving recipes
  • 10″ touch screen makes programming fast and intuitive
  • High capacity exit table keeps rails from falling on floor during large quantity runs
  • Infinitely adjustable head height option
  • Convenient single phase 120VAC (8A) power required


ACE Clipper 7000 Automatic Operating Manual, click here

ACE Clipper 7000 Set Up Guide, click here



FASTENING FORMAT: Pneumatic Clipping Head

CLIP DELIVERY FORMAT: Elevated dispenser system

ROLL CAPACITY: 1,500 clips per roll

CLIP FEEDING METHOD: Single acting cylinder

PRIMARY POWER UNIT: Main Cylinder – Bore 3.06″ (78mm) spring return

AIR SUPPLY: 60-90 PSI (4.1-6.2 BAR)

DIMENSIONS (HxLxDepth): 6’ x 16’ x 6’ (1.8m x 4.9m x 1.8m)

WEIGHT: 650 lbs (295 kg), net weight

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