ACE Clipper 6000 Semi-Automatic Machine

For semi-automated precision placement of ACE sinuous spring anchor clips

APPLICATIONS: Fabrication of upholstered furniture such as chairs, sofas and loveseats
INDUSTRIES: Upholstered Furniture

Special Features

  • This versatile and user-friendly machine has few moving parts, which translates to operational simplicity, low servicing costs and excellent reliability. Includes the ACE clipping tool along with a clip dispenser, hands-free knee bar switch, pneumatic air regulator and long loading/exit conveyors.
  • No electricity required! The ACE Clipper 6000’s pneumatically-powered system can be set up wherever it makes sense in your shop.
  • At a production rate of 2,000 to 2,500 clips per hour, the ACE Clipper 6000 installs clips far more efficiently and accurately than a hand-held tool.
  • Hands-free knee bar switch positions the placement of the first clip.
  • Clip sensor determines accurate and consistent clip-to-clip spacing from the first clip to the next, and every clip afterwards. Spacing between clips can be set to any increment between 2 – 8 inches (51mm – 203mm).
  • The open-face loading conveyor lets operators clip both curved and irregularly shaped rails of hardwood, plywood, softwood and composites in lengths up to 96 inches (2.44m).
  • The ACE Clipper 6000’s infinitely adjustable height clipping tool can accommodate rails 5/8” to 6” (16mm to 152mm) tall, and 5/8” to 8” (16mm to 203mm) wide.
  • Unlike the competition, our height adjustment winch handle is located above the worktable for quick and direct operator access.


ACE 6000 Operating Manual & Parts PDFAdobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 in COLOR or B/W


FASTENING FORMAT: Pneumatic Clipping Head
CLIP DELIVERY FORMAT: Elevated dispenser system
ROLL CAPACITY: 1,500 clips per roll
CLIP FEEDING METHOD: Single acting cylinder
PRIMARY POWER UNIT: Main Cylinder – Bore 3.06″ (78mm) spring return
AIR SUPPLY: 60-90 PSI (4.1-6.2 BAR)
DIMENSIONS (HxWxDepth): 67” x 120” x 40” (1.7m x 3.0m x 1.0m)
WEIGHT: 420 lbs (190.9 kg), shipping weight
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INDUSTRIES: Upholstered Furniture