ACE Clipper 5000 Manual System

For specialty and low volume, manual application of ACE sinuous spring anchor clips

APPLICATIONS: Fabrication of upholstered furniture, such as chairs, sofas and loveseats
INDUSTRIES: Upholstered Furniture

Special Features

  • Innovative, user-friendly and compact size system features our ACE clipping tool along with a clip dispenser, foot pedal switch, pneumatic air regulator and a rail load/exit support shelf.
  • No electricity required! The ACE Clipper 5000’s pneumatically-powered system can be set up wherever it makes sense in your shop. Fits almost any work space.
  • Operator has maximum control over clip placement, especially useful for applications that include unique shapes, asymmetric clip configurations or low volume production runs. Operator manually positions rail under the clipping head, then applies a clip by depressing a foot pedal switch.
  • The open face rail loading design lets operators install clips onboth curved and irregularly shaped rails of hardwood, plywood, softwood and composites, and of almost any length.
  • The ACE Clipper 5000 can accommodate rails 5/8” to 1-5/8” (16mm to 41mm) tall. Rail width is 5/8” (16mm) minimum and an unlimited width maximum.
  • The height adjustment lever is located above the worktable for quick and direct operator access.


ACE Clipper 5000 Manual System Drawing & Parts


FASTENING FORMAT: Pneumatic Clipping Head
CLIP DELIVERY FORMAT: Low mount dispenser system
ROLL CAPACITY: 1,500 clips per roll
CLIP FEEDING METHOD: Single acting cylinder
PRIMARY POWER UNIT: Main Cylinder – Bore 3.06″ (78mm) spring return
AIR SUPPLY: 60-100 PSI (4.1-6.9 BAR)
DIMENSIONS (HxWxDepth): 48″ x 40″ x 28″ (1.22m x 1.02m x 0.71m)
WEIGHT: 102 lbs (46.4 kg)
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