1.5″ High Tensile Stainless Steel C-Rings, 11ga, Sharp (RC1011)

1.5” (38.1mm) high tensile stainless steel 11-gauge wire C-rings, sharp point. Strip format, collated with high performance durabond tape

APPLICATIONS: Gabion* baskets, Reno mattress**, geo-grid, razor wire-to-wire, rock fall netting, security fencing, construction, concrete rebar assembly, retaining wall assembly
FOR USE IN: Encore Hartco RAC-1008; Encore Hartco HC1511; Bostitch SC50T; CL45A


SIZE: 1.5″ (38.1mm), closes down to 9/16” (14.29mm)
COUNT/CTN: 1,600
WEIGHT/CTN: 16 lbs (7.26kg)
INDUSTRIES: Concrete & Construction; Farming & Agriculture; Fencing, Enclosures & Razor Wire; Nursery, Nets & Crafts

* A gabion is a welded wire cage or box that’s filled with materials like concrete, stone, sand or soil. Used for landscaping, erosion control, outdoor walls and fencing.

** A Reno mattress is comprised of thin, flexible rectangular mesh cages filled with rock to restrict movement during high flow conditions. Used mainly in hydraulic conditions, such as weirs, scour protection along riverbanks and embankment stability in channel linings.

† Geo-grid is a flexible mesh that is used to stabilize soil, either by distributing load across a large area or creating a reinforced coherent mass behind a retaining wall.