DURABLE POWER for work in extreme conditions

•  Heavy duty, durable clip clinchers designed to get the job done in extreme environments
•  “A” and “B” Series tools feature durable metal components
•  Internationally recognized Hartco brand accepts industry standard clips


Hartco Classic Clincher “A” Series 

Heavy duty, manually operated pneumatic clinch clip closure tool that has a metal body and metal magazine.

The original Hartco “CL” models have a curved magazine that takes 12-inch long strips of collated metal clinch clips.

The “CC” models have a straight magazine designed for use with a continuous roll of collated metal clinch clips fed into the magazine. Rolls are mounted off the ground on a horizontal rod, like that on the CC System.

Hartco “B” Series Clinch Clip Tool

Hand-held, manually operated, pneumatic clinch clip closure tool. Uses 12-inch long strips of collated metal clinch clips that are loaded manually by operator. The “B” series features a metal housing and composite plastic magazine.

Hartco “C” Series Clinch Clip Tool

This Hartco “C” series clip clinch tool has been discontinued. Only replacement parts are available.