August 1, 2019

Northbrook, IL – With the introduction of Encore Hartco’s new hand-held ACE 4000 Clipping Tool, furniture makers now have the ability to apply sinuous spring anchor clips on the fly and wherever needed during rail fabrication. This extremely portable and flexible clip application solution is also extremely useful for low volume and specialty applications.

The ACE 4000 hand-held pneumatic clip application tool is just the latest innovation from the design engineers at Encore Hartco, joining the ACE Series of machines that already includes the fully automatic ACE 7000, the semi-automatic ACE 6000 and the manually operated ACE 5000 clipping system. With few moving parts, the 4000 model is very easy to operate, inexpensive to maintain and very reliable.

The ACE 4000 is an essential tool for any shop. Operators can easily apply clips directly to either the side or the top of rails and to straight, curved and irregularly shaped rails of a wide variety of woods and composites. Also key is that electricity is not required so the tool can go anywhere an air hose reaches. The tool uses ACE clips collated in strips: just slide one in the magazine and go!

The ACE 4000 weighs just over 6 lbs, applies ACE-1 and ACE-3 clips, and has 7 adjustable height settings to fit rails that are 5/8” to 2-1/2” tall and at least 5/8” wide. For additional specifications, click here.