The Eclipser Series


  • EXCLUSIVE Quick Release Front Plate—replace driver blades without tools
  • Light, well balanced, durable design ensures effortless handling
  • Fastest, simplest and most trouble-free main valve in the industry
  • Small contoured handle reduces fatigue, improves comfort
    and productivity
  • Compatible with industry standard clips


Eclipser 2000

DESCRIPTION: The Eclipser 2000 (Green) is a hand-held, manually operated, lightweight pneumatic clinch clip tool that fastens two wires together by wrapping and pressing a clip around them. The Eclipser 2000 has a composite plastic body and magazine, and it uses manually loaded 12-inch long strips of collated metal clips (E-Clips).

HIGHLIGHTS & BENEFITS: Lightweight. Powerful. Fast. Quick release front plate. Easy switch from right to left hand use.

WEIGHT:4.4 lbs (2.0 kg)COMPONENT MATERIALS:Composite plastic body (housing) and clip magazine, both in GREEN color
DIMENSIONS:16.5" x 7" x 4"MAGAZINE FORMAT:Curved magazine
OPTIONS:Hanger, sold separatelyCLIP FEEDING METHOD:Constant force spring
APPLICATIONS:Bedding, Cages, Traps, Fencing, Frames, Housing Construction PanelsPRIMARY POWER UNIT:Main Cylinder - Bore 3.06" (78mm) spring return.